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"...There are numerous reasons people choose schools and most International Schools in Budapest are good. However the warm atmosphere and the family-friendly approach are absolutely unique within Britannica International School and that was and still is the reason we are here!"
Vera Meerstadt, Parent and Member of the psa committee
"...Molly had a fabulous time at the school, we will be sorry to be leaving. In addition we felt that Molly has learnt more here in the term than she would have at her school in England and on top of that she know quite a few worlds of Hungarian!"
Dominic Barlow, parent (UK)
"...We have thoroughly enjoyed our two years at Britannica and have highly recommended the school to other Embassy families.  The location is great, the teachers are caring, energetic, responsive and well prepared. We have loved the activities and curriculum !  Thank you!!"
megan conelly, parent (USA)
"...Great place,where children can get a superior education in a safe and stimulating international environment."

Valter Grussu, Parent (Italy)