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The science department is proud to have two well-equipped laboratories with a spacious preparatory room which caters for all the requirements of the Cambridge International Examinations. Highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers assist pupils to carry out exciting and challenging experiments to prepare them for their practical examinations. 

In Years 7-9

In Key stage 3 our main goal is to encourage students to understand how science works and relate this knowledge to everyday life.  Students prepare for the CIE Checkpoint examinations taken at the end of Year 9. Throughout the three years pupils are strongly supported by EAL teachers to gain confidence in scientific language and to achieve better understanding of the material.

In Years 10-11

Teachers prepare students for their IGCSE examinations. More able students can choose to take Co-ordinated Double Award, while average students take the Combined Examination. The department is proud to have excellent examination results over the years.

In Years 12-13

Students follow the CIE As/A level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. With successful exam results many students will be able to study dentistry, engineering, radiography, medicine and related subjects. The department runs science clinic to prepare students for their examinations and to give additional help to students who struggle with the subjects. The latter is usually run by A level students under teacher`s supervision. Year 12 students also go to outside labs to gain more experience in experimental work.