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Modern Foreign Languages

Our Strategy

In the secondary department we offer French, Spanish and German starting at beginners Level in Year 7. Students can study their chosen modern foreign language up to IGCSE and AS/A2 Levels. Our fully qualified teachers ensure that language learning is effective and fun!

We aim to

...provide fun and interactive Modern Foreign Language lessons, following the National Curriculum standards, but also help to give confidence to students to communicate effectively in their chosen foreign language. Use of technology, media and games is an integral part of MFL courses and we put the stress on communication skills and fluency, as well as acquiring precision in writing and a solid base in grammar.


...takes place in small groups where teachers can focus on individual needs. Differentiation is an integral part of our language courses as we have students arriving with various levels and linguistic backgrounds. In our courses, we also focus on the cultures of the different countries where the chosen foreign language is spoken.