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Mathematics and ICT


Our curriculum is designed in a linear fashion, i.e. it evens out the gaps when students step from one key stage to the next.

KS3: Students have 5 lessons of Mathematics a week, in which they explore the material through a wide variety of activities triggering their enthusiasm and challenging and expanding their Mathematical horizons. We put emphasis on including the History of Mathematics into the curriculum.

KS4: Students can choose between Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, which is designed for the more talented students. Both subjects are studied in 6 lessons a week and finish with an IGCSE exam.

KS5: We offer Mathematics and Further Mathematics (for the exceptionally talented students) at 7 lessons a week. Students get a more academic approach to Mathematics, and especially those who study Further Mathematics will get a holistic view of Mathematics by the end of their studies at Britannica. The students are excellently prepared to continue studies at University in Engineering, Computer Science, Economics or Mathematics.

Those children for whom Mathematics presents a challenge receive extra help at our Maths Clinic, which is run by responsible Sixth-Formers.

Examination Success

Our Mathematics department has earned a reputation for examination success in a succession of past years both in Mathematics and Further Mathematics enabling students to attend prestigious Universities in and outside the UK. Furthermore, our KS3 students have reached excellent results at the Math Olympiad held annually at QSI Bratislava in recent years.

ICT/Computer Science

Students from Y7 to Y9 use a wide range of software packages to enable them to be confident and competent computer users in any areas of their studies and lives.
ICT facilities at the Britannica are good. Besides a fully equipped computer suite, students have access to laser printing, broadband Internet and a host of relevant software applications. They allow students to be involved in a whole spectrum of activities, ranging from researching, learning how to use different software applications, writing coursework, through to producing a film or a web site. The School is equipped with a network that spans the whole School (Junior and Senior).
Upon arrival at the Britannica our students receive two periods of ICT by subject specialists. ICT is used across the whole curriculum and both AS and A2 ICT are offered in the Sixth Form. Each student has an individual user account and secure password which allows them to work on a variety of projects from various locations throughout the school.
All students study ICT until the end of Year 9 when they are offered to continue to GCSE ICT or GCSE Computing qualification. Many students continue to AS and A2 Level.
Computing is a distinct subject on GCSE and A Level. The course examines some of the fundamental ideas of the science of computing. Theory and hands-on assignments cover a wide variety of topics such as hardware organization, the Internet, computer programming, limits of computing, and graphics.