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Our school library has almost 13,000 fiction books and 6,500 textbooks.

Besides the annual replacement of torn or lost textbooks, a significant number of outdated textbooks have been replaced with recently published updated ones. As a lately introduced innovation, now book covers protect books from early decay.

Fiction books include picture books, chapter books, novels, short stories, fairy tales, poems myths, collections of stories from many countries. A wide selection of science, animals, plants, space, history, weather, geography and transport related books and encyclopaedias belong to the non-fiction section of the library as based on Primary topics. Also, secondary (KS 3, 4 and 5, i.e. years 7 to 13) class readers are kept and updated with the latest prize winner novels.

We also offer a fine selection of Hungarian literature for Hungarian students and a not less fine selection of French, German and Spanish reading books.

There is a “Parents Corner” in the library where some adult books coming from donations are kept for staff and parents only.

An ever growing number of the old books have been rebound so revived to a new life to be enjoyed by the younger generations to come.

Fiction books are displayed in the alphabetical order by their authors’ surname.

Non-fiction books are shelved in a topic (e.g. Greeks, Romans, Rain Forests, Animals, Science, Space, Oceans, etc.) order.

The following magazines are available in the library: History Magazine, The Economist, National Geographic for Kids, National Geographic (Hungarian), Catalyst (Science), Magyar Krónika and some older issues of E-Kids and Calliope.

You can search the books online by their writer, title or genre. (See below.)

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