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Students are divided into two groups in Hungarian lessons: native and advanced students learn Hungarian literature, grammar and culture while their peers are taking Hungarian as a foreign language.

Younger students experience Hungarian culture through traditional games, folk tales and songs whereas the older ones are challenged by research work and various performances. 

Hungarian as a Foreign Language taught through everyday language that students can use in real life situations through age appropriate and practical topics. Students are encouraged to use the language outside school too to communicate with locals.
Throughout the year we also provide an insight into Hungary’s colourful culture, unique customs and lively history. 

Advanced and Native Students a modified version of the Hungarian National Curriculum with special focus on solid reading and writing skills as well as spelling.

We show them how to discover the joy of reading through examining pieces of literature from contemporary authors as well as the classics.

While in Primary, students learn Hungarian culture through folk tales and class novels, Secondary students extend their knowledge via learning about the key points of Hungarian history too. Various media genres are also involved in the lessons.

We educate students so they can be proud of their literature, culture and history.