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House System

For those parents and guardians who have had children with us for some years the Britannica School House System is a familiar feature of school life but for some newcomers it might be new.

In the school we have four houses named after the classical elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
(If you know the Harry Potter books you'll know the houses of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. We too have four houses but no Sorting Hat, alas.) The idea behind the house system is that there is a vertical and even split of the children, young and older into their four houses.

These houses compete against each other in all kinds of ways, sporting, academic and even in entertainments (with quiz shows and the like). Also, we trust the senior pupils in each house will look out for the younger ones and in turn that the seniors will derive the benefit of learning leadership and organizational skills themselves. When a child joins Britannica he or she also becomes a member of a particular house along with all the staff in the school except the Principal, the Head of Primary and the Head of Secondary.

The aim for all the students in the school is to build up points for their houses by earning as many "good comments" as they can every day, every week and every month and also by playing for their house teams against other house teams at sports or in other competitions.

The school year is divided into three termly championships and at the end of each term there is a cup for the winning house and a token prize for all the members of that house. The Principal announces the current scores every week in assembly.