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Expressive Arts

Music Teaching delivered by a music specialist. The children are taught following the principles of the Kodaly method, in which they have the opportunity to learn the principles of rhythm and pitch through a variety of engaging activities.

Learning an instrument at school

Any pupils of the school can sign up for a thirty-minute individual lesson on a chosen instrument. At the moment, we have teachers of violin, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, flute, guitar, voice, drums and piano. Kindly write directly to Mr. Ian (music teacher at Britannica School)


We are proud of our Drama department! Drama is offered in KS3 and forms an integral part of the rich expressive arts curriculum. Our students explore all the aspects of acting, performance, lighting, sounds and production. Every year our main focus is on blocking, body language, facial expressions through different genres of theatre. Every year sees a major production. Last year 'Frankenstein' was staged and scared everyone!

Art and Design

Art is an integral part of this school- just take a look at the great work on the walls!. We offer Art and Design at KS3 with a rich and wide ranging curriculum that links with all the key subjects. The course is essentially practical covering Graphics, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography and many aspects of Design.Students learn the history and practical skills of the different modes of art which are the tools for creative expression. Many of our Students have been accepted on to Art, Design and Architectural courses throughout Europe to pursue their studies.