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In this section we would like to share with you what some of our Alumni students have been doing after graduating from Britannica International School.

Graduating Class of 2016





Veronica Wynne-Hughes - former student of Britannica International School (2000-2004)

To my Dearest fellow Britannica gang,

It feels like it was only yesterday that I graduated, but I keep needing to remind myself that it was over ten years ago! I’ve heard a lot about Britannica since I left, and all the developments that have been made to it, and in a way I’m a little jealous that I’m not a student there now, although to be truthful, it was also a lot of fun to be one of the first ones there! I look at the things Britannica gave me, the friendships I made, as well as everything I learnt there, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it for over 4 years! I went on to study psychology in the UK, and then returned to Hungary to start practising as a psychologist. I enjoyed this tremendously and feel blessed to have found a field of work that I love so much. But then I realised I wanted to see the world and so decided to sail around it. I have therefore been hitchhiking around our planet on small sailing boats since May 2014. I’m on my 12th boat now and am writing to you from the middle of the Pacific Ocean! How amazing is that?

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But now I’d like to tell you about my next plan, which is probably going to be the biggest thing I ever do in my life. I will be crossing Antarctica solo, and on skis. It will take me two months of sledge hauling from the edge of the continent all the way to the South Pole. I will be flying back to Hungary to begin training for it this November, and then will be doing the expedition itself a year later. That’s a lot of training but it has to be done! I’ve launched a gofundme campaign to help people take part in it. My hope is that I can get followers to think big, to have huge goals in life, to challenge themselves, to plan, to execute and then to achieve. In exchange for backers’ donations I will be handing out some really great rewards, like your own selfie of you standing on the ice of Antarctica, or your name or message written into the snow on the South Pole for eternity, and many more. What I’d like to achieve through AntarcTrip is to get people to start challenging the impossible. And most of all, I would like my fellow schoolmates at Britannica to go out into the world and do the things you now may think are impossible, but will hopefully attain through dedication and devotion. I’d be honoured to welcome you in my team! 

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