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Admissions Policy

Parents must agree to the Admissions Policy before enrolment.


At Britannica International School, admission is open to students from all religious and ethnic backgrounds, and of all nationalities aged between 5 and 18.

The criteria on which their applications will be considered are the following:

1) There is a reasonable prospect that the applicant will benefit from the learning programmes on offer;
2) There is adequate information from parents and previous schools to support an informed decision;
3) Prospective parents and students understand and accept the School’s philosophy and expectations in terms of curriculum and community life;
4) With the exception of those coming from English speaking countries and Hungary, the School will support its commitment to international education by maintaining a balance between nationalities and language groups within its student body.

As part of the admissions procedure, applicants to the School are strongly encouraged to make a visit to the School, both to permit an interview to take place and to enable the family to familiarise themselves with the School, its philosophy, its facilities and its senior staff members.The visit is organised by the Admissions Office and wherever possible the candidate will meet with the Principal or Head of Primary or Secondary.

An assessment of the suitability of the candidate will be made on the grounds of their capacity to cope not only with the full curricular and co-curricular expectations, but also with the social and behavioural requirements of life at Britannica International School. Successful candidates will need to show a commitment to embrace fully Britannica’s Philosophy and Objectives.

Fees must be paid by the due date stated on the invoice. Failure to pay fees by the due date may result in the applicant’s place being forfeited.

Entry requirements:

Age of Students

Students are normally admitted into the appropriate year group, according to the National Curriculum of England.

Age (on 1st Sept) Year             Key Stage (KS)

5                           Year 1             KS1

6                           Year 2             KS1

7                           Year 3             KS2

8                           Year 4             KS2

9                           Year 5             KS2

10                         Year 6             KS2

11                         Year 7             KS3

12                         Year 8             KS3

13                         Year 9             KS3

14                         Year 10           KS4 (IGCSE)

15                         Year 11           KS4 (I0GCSE)

16                          Year 12         6th Form (AS-Level)

17                         Year 13          6th Form (A-Level)

Entrance Examination

Entrance examinations may be conducted for candidates seeking admission into Britannica International School.

Students applying to our Primary Department (Years 1-6) will be assessed individually by having a pre-admission interview with the Key stage  Coordinators. Children applying to Year 1 and Year 2 will be asked to undertake a Reasoning Test. Children applying to Key stage 2 will be asked to undertake a CAT4 Test and NGRT test looking at their reading comprehension abilities. A short piece of free writing may be requested as well. Students who are not in Hungary and not able to come in to the school will be considered with information from previous school reports used. Children with no English need to be assessed for openness to the language and ability to cope in an English language environment.
The School reserves the right to decide about year group placements of new students applying to our Primary Department classes.

Students applying to Secondary Department year groups (Years 7-13) will be asked to undertake a CAT4 Test and NGRT test looking at their reading comprehension abilities as a minimum. A short piece of free writing will be requested as well. In addition, students for whom English is not their first language must fulfill English language requirements by taking a placement test, such as the online Cambridge Placement Test. This is adaptive test of Listening, Reading and Language Knowledge. It has been designed to be short and flexible to meet the needs of users who want to place English language learners at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students also need to take a Mathematics test to assess their level in order to best cater for their needs.

Assessment for students applying to Year 10 – 11 classes will also involve the demonstrating of skills in Mathematics. Students seeking admission to Years 12 and 13 (6th Form) must prove advanced level English proficiency and will need to have an interview with the Head of Secondary and Key stage 4/5 Coordinator.

Scores in entrance examinations will not be published or made available to parents, as this is used for admission purposes only. Decisions on admission are made by the Head of Primary or Secondary in consultation with the Admissions officer and Principal. Where appropriate, input will be sought from the KS Coordinators, the English as an Additional Language/Mother Tongue Coordinator and any other staff member who may help to evaluate a candidate’s suitability.

The School is prepared to consider applications from students with special educational or physical needs under the following circumstances:
1)     The nature of the special needs is clearly established prior to admission;
2)   The scope of the special needs does not exceed the competencies and provisions available within the school, or through agencies known to the School; with which it can work.

Acceptance and Waiting Lists:

The school will usually communicate the outcome of an application within a few days of completion. Parents will be required to confirm the placement within five (5) working days of receiving this communication. Failure to confirm the placement may result in the applicant’s place being forfeited.
Children who have successfully completed the application procedure, but are unable to join the school due to limited availability, will be offered a place on the waiting list with priority given to:

  1. Native 1st Language English speakers.
  2. Students transferring from schools following the British Curriculum.
  3. International children moving to/living in Hungary.
  4. Siblings of current international students.
  5. Siblings of current Hungarian pupils.
  6. Returning pupils.
  7. All others priority based upon completion of admission process.